WATERSIDE DIARY Welcome to Monthly Reports November: Noted for it`s Dace (Latin: Leuciscus leuciscus), Record: 1lb 5oz 2dr, Simon Ashton,           River Wear, Durham, Top Baits: Maggots, casters, redworm. Specimen weight:10oz. Scroll down to follow our fishing adventures, as to where we go, who we meet, what they catch and what`s happening on the bank, plus all sorts of hopefully helpful information. ************** Weight Conversion          To Convert                   Multiply By  Pounds to Kilograms  —––––  0.4536        Kilograms to Pounds  —––––  2.2050 ************** ************** ************** ************** ************* Hey where`s the Bailiff, I just cant believe this picture, I leave it on the site each year, its one to  make you smile, I'm not sure which country its from, but its a great picture. ************** ************** `Hang on Tight`

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Maggots The life cycle of the Fly Fly lays the eggs At the pointed end of the maggot, there are two black coloured hooks, these are used to hang on, and to help brake down food. Hooks Spiracles,  During  feeding, the maggots head (if required) can remain under a liquid surface, as long as                   the  tale (the blunt end) remains above the surface it can breath through it`s two Spiracles. Casters hatch      as Flies Maggots turn   into casters At the blunt end of the maggot, there are two brown coloured dots these are the breathing tubes, known as the spiracles. Spiracles Eggs hatch as maggots ************** ************** ************** British Record List        (as at July 31st 2012) lb     oz     dr Year ************** `No, it  was only this big` ************** TIGHT LINES. `No really it was only             this big` `It was this Big` `I think it might have been                 this big` For more on competitions/results/dates/times and venues etc just click Competition Results ************** Did you know that you can press the HOME button on your Keyboard  to return to the top of any web page. ************************************************************************** Click the Waterside Diary Button to return to the HOME PAGE. We are happy to remove any content on the photo/video pages if you no longer want it to be shown on their. Waterside Diary Seasonal Calendar Just click to check out our new `Seasonal Calendar` page We have only just started this page, (September 2015) and we  hope that you find something of interest on it, we will  add pictures and information to this page as the calendar seasons unfold.. November 2018 Return to top      of page Pinkmead Bait and Tackle shop              Botley, Hants. ************** Pictures Below: Steeple Court Lakes The Meteorological start to spring is the 1st March. We start off this month with a great picture of Toby Evans with a magnificent 13lb 9oz carp, Toby fishing at `Steeple Court Lakes` on the 30th Oct  used Cream Seed Boilies to successfully snare this cracker,Well done. Picture Below:  Toby Evans. Pictures Below: Lyn Lewington. ************** Steeple Court Fishery is still producing well, these pictures by Luke Anderson show a nice Tench and his fishing buddy Jim with a nice common carp, Well done lads. ************** ************** ************** Just check out the picture below, it shows one of our top favourite anglers `Charlton Smith` Charlton  was fishing in the `Solent` for cod when this beautiful conger took his bait, what a magnificent fish. Well done Charlton. Picture Below: Charlton Smith. ************** For more Sea fishing photos just click onto our `Sea Fishing Gallery` Sea Fishing Gallery Seasonal Calendar