WATERSIDE DIARY Below  Guest Gallery 2016/17 TIGHT LINES. Pictures Below: Jonathan Blackman     Sandhurst Lake Picture Below:  Jason Welch (Jonathan Blackman is a Field Tester for `MadBaits` Pictures Below: Stephen Blackman. Pictures Below: Jonathan Blackman and Mark Pitchers. Picture Below; Adam Blackman. Picture Below: Young Toby with his 20lb Grass Carp. Picture Below: Lyn Lewington. Picture Below:                Stephen Blackman  (Field Tester for Culture Carp Baits) Picture Below: Cherish Lewington. Picture Below:                Stephen Blackman  (Field Tester for Culture Carp Baits) Picture Below: Lewis Lewington Pictures Below:  Lew and Lyn. Picture Below:             Steve Turner.                27lb 14oz Venue: River Farm Fishery Pictures Below: Stephen Blackman (Field tester for `Culture Carp Baits`)               Venue: Carron Row 16lb 7oz 20lb 4oz Picture Below:                Stephen Blackman  (Field Tester for Culture Carp Baits) Pictures Below:                Stephen Blackman  (Field Tester for Culture Carp Baits)      New Personal Best 32lb 11oz.. Mirror Carp 24lb 5oz. Picture Below: Lyn Lewington 18lb 4oz Common Carp. Picture Below: Lew Lewington 14lb 5oz Mirror Carp. Pictures Below: Jonathan Blackman  (Field Tester) 21lb Common Carp 24lb 9oz Mirror Carp Common safely returned. 23lb 8oz Mirror Carp. The best of the bunch was this magnificent                     Common Carp at 32lb. Stephen Blackman Field tester for `Culture Carp Baits` Jonathan Blackman `Field tester for Mad Baits` Picture Below: Charlton Smith     29lb 11oz Picture Below: Charlton Smith           22lb Picture Below:  Toby Evans.     13lb 9oz. Great start to the 2017 season for Daryl, well done all weather man. Pictures Below: Daryl Etheridge. Not on the same day but two great captures for Charlton Smith, top pic shows a magnificent Conger, and the lower picture shows a fantastic cod. Another great common from Jonathan Blackman while on a 24hr session at `River Farm Carp Fishery` Jon a field team tester for MadBaits was using some of there new boilies that will be available to the public very soon. Picture Below:    Jonathan Blackman Common Carp 23lb 5oz Picture Below: John Martin. ************** Pictures Below:    Jonathan Blackman Drawn by Dale Pollard ************** You can follow more of Dale Pollard and his artistic work at `DP Graphite`. Picture Below: Lyn Lewington. Pictures Below: Rob Sheppard. Rob Sheppard with his         2lb 14oz Perch. ************** It was nice to meet up with Peter Knapton yesterday, Peters is an all round angler and as you can see in the picture below it was not long before he was into some  great carp, Well done Pete. Picture Below:                      Peter Knapton With a great common from `Pat`s Pond` Another great capture for Stephen Blackman (Field tester for `MadBaits` Steve tricked this 15lb 12oz common from one of Carron Row lakes  using  `Madbaits` latest boilies. Picture Below: Stephen Blackman. Great picture from Daryl Etheridge captured from an undisclosed venue while on a  24hr session, this stunning mirror took the scales to 21lb 8oz, Well Done! Picture Below: Daryl Etheridge. Picture Below: David Blackman        18lb 7oz Picture Below: Lew Lewington. Picture Below: Stephen Blackman (new PB)                   34lb 9oz ************** Picture Below: Jonathan Blackman (new PB)                   34lb 6oz Picture Below: Jonathan Blackman. 27lb 6oz Mirror 25lb 6oz Mirror Not sure of the venue but what a great common, well done Daryl Picture Below: Daryl Etheridge     27lb 12oz Picture Below: David Blackman.        31lb 8oz. Picture Below: Ashley Thornhill. Picture Below:   Rob Sheppard 27lb 4oz Ghostie. ************** Picture below shows another nice double for Jonathan Blackman, weighing in  at 25lb 4oz this common carp took one of Madbaits boilies while fishing a 24hr session at Swanvalley Lake. Picture Below: Jonathan Blackman. ************** What a great picture, congratulations to Ross Blake on catching this magnificent mirror known as  `The Prity One` we are not sure of the method or bait that Ross  used but the venue was NMG-Fishery Barons Ponds. Well done Ross great fish. Picture Below:   Ross Blake. ************** Pictures Below: Stephen Blackman.  56lb 12oz Catfish. 24lb 8oz Mirror. Pictures Below: Jonathan Blackman and his new PB 35lb 10oz ************** ************** Check out the great picture below, it shows Kenny Harris enjoying his fishing at Steeple Court Fishery, Botley. Well done Kenny great fish. ************** Picture Below: Rob Sheppard. Picture Below: Charlton Smith. ************** Picture Below:     Adam Blackman                aka `The River Farm Kid` ************** Pictures Below: Stephen Blackman. ************** Caught from an undisclosed venue , this picture shows Daryl Etheridge with a magnificently scaled mirror Picture Below: Daryl Etheridge. ************** ************** What a great picture, it shows Rob Sheppard with a really magnificently scaled mirror Rob banked this from NMG-Fishery, Barons Ponds, Liss. Well done Rob. Picture Below: Rob Shepard. ************** First picture in this month goes to Stephen Blackman, Steve banked this stunning mirror while fishing the `Match Lake` on the Yateley Complex his successful bait was one of Madbaits compulsive angler range `wicked white` pop-ups, over a bed of particles. Picture Below: Stephen Blackman.         22lb 13oz In the picture below a great 18lb `New Personal Best` Ghostie for Aaron Smith, you can see by his smile just how pleased he is, Aaron`s prize came from NMG-Fisherys, Barons Ponds, Liss. Well done Aaron. ************** Picture Below: Rob Sheppard. Picture Below: Lyn Lewington. Picture Below:   Josh White.    24lb 12oz ************** Picture below shows Charlton Smith with a great Cat-Fish not sure of the venue, It looks a cracker charlton, Well done. Picture Below: Charlton Smith. Looks like another great carp for Toby Evans fishing at `Steeple Court Fishery` Botley. We have no info on the size of the fish or what bait Toby used, great fish Toby ,Well done. Picture Below:  Toby Evans. ************** Picture Below: Vince Blackman. ************** Picture Below: Charlton Smith. ************** Picture below shows Justin fishing at one of NMG-Fishery venues  the `Pump Station` and its a `Personal Best`at 21lb 14oz. Well done Jason. ************** Picture below shows Ryan Betteridge fishing at `Broadlands Lakes` with a new  `Personal Best` common at 28lb 8oz , successful bait was 15mm pacific tuna wafter. Congratulations Ryan. ************** Picture Below: Charlton (aka George) Smith Picture Below: Stephen Blackman.         50lb 14oz Rob Sheppard continues his success with another great Ghostie at 21lb 4oz which was  the biggest of 8-carp Rob banked from NMG-Fishery Barons ponds. Great fish Rob, well done. Picture Below: Rob Sheppard. Picture Below: Stephen Blackman. Picture below shows Charlton Smith on a quick overnighter at Rooksbury, Charlton banked 3 more carp and a tench. Great picture Charlton, Well done. Picture Below: Charlton Smith. ************** ************** Picture Below: Stephen Blackman. Another great picture from Charlton Smith, we think the venue is River Farm Carp Fishery but not sure. Charlton is a regular on waterside diary and is often featured in both the freshwater and sea fishing pages. Great fish Charlton, Well done. Picture Below: Charlton Smith. How about this for a Rainbow Trout, It was caught in Denmark on the Vesthimmerland Lake  and weighed in at an amazing 17-Kg that`s around 37lb 4oz in old money. Great picture really mind blowing. ************** This is proving to be yet another special month for Charlton (aka George)Smith on a quick  very chilly overnighter he bagged this beauty a magnificent 29lb 4oz mirror which goes to show effort equals reward. Sorry no venue details. Well done George. Picture Below: Charlton (aka) Smith ************** Picture Below:    Alex with his  24lb 6oz mirror. ************** The top lake at `Headlands Farm` produced this great common for Sean Hatch weighing in at 19lb 8oz, successful bait was crayfish and garlic boilies.  Well done sean. Picture Below:   Sean Hatch. **************

Had a weekend social fishing with a couple of mates we decided on fishing a local lake to us, I arrived at the lake after dark decided to set up in the middle of the lake so if I saw or heard anything then I could move on to them. I decide to put a rod out on a pop up over a baited area and another on a zig fished in middle water. Around 8pm I started getting liners and around half 8 I received a take on the zig sprayed with esta stray after a short battle a 16lb 7oz common was laying in the net, got the rod back out around 10pm I received another take on the zig sprayed with esta spray after a 10 minute battle I had another common laying in the net I could see it was bigger, we lifted it up on the scales and it went 22lb 5oz I was happy with that as the lake has only done a handful of bites in 5 weeks

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