WATERSIDE DIARY Contact:mail@watersidediary.co.uk Did you know that you can press the HOME button on your Keyboard  to return to the top of any web page. Waterside Diary Click the Waterside Diary Button to return to the HOME PAGE. Rose hip: The pulp from the rose hip can be used to make sauces and jelly Acorns: Hawthorn: seeds in their droppings. The saying “Ne`er cast a cloot til Mey`s oot” conveys a warning not to shed any  cloots (cloths) before the summer has fully arrived and the may flowers (hawthorn blossoms) are in full bloom. Crane Fly: at the `Lords Cricket Grounds` in London was among venues affected by leatherjackets, several thousand were collected by ground staff and destroyed, because they caused bald patches on the wicket. Unlike mosquitoes crane flies do not bite people of animals, Most of the crane fly`s life is spent as a larva,  The adult only lives to mate and lay eggs. Fungus: Horse Chestnut: Bulrush: Chestnut: Stinging Nettle: Red Fox: Sloe Berry: Adder: Badger: Horse Fly: IVY: Magpie: Roe Deer: Grass Snake: Grey Squirrel: will often steel something bright from the garden. A gathering of magpies is known as a “Parliament”. Fungus: Oak Gall: Grass snakes are very strong swimmers, and can cross large areas. Autumns colours: Robin. Grasshopper: Fungus: I know that I keep putting pictures of fungus in but It never fails to amaze me as to the amount of  different Fungus that can be found in and around our woods and hedgerows. Seasonal Calendar Return to top      of page Photo courtesy of Paul Nolan  > Swift: Latin Name: Apus apus.                      Family: Apodidea. Maggots Casters,   This is the chrysalis stage of the maggot, before they develop into flies, they hatch usually within                  8-days. The life cycle of the Fly Fly lays the eggs At the pointed end of the maggot, there are two black coloured hooks, these are used to hang on, and to help brake down food. Hooks Spiracles,  During  feeding, the maggots head (if required) can remain under a liquid surface, as long as                   the  tale (the blunt end) remains above the surface it can breath through it`s two Spiracles. Casters hatch      as Flies Maggots turn   into casters At the blunt end of the maggot, there are two brown coloured dots these are the breathing tubes, known as the spiracles. Spiracles Eggs hatch as maggots Honey Bee: been domesticated for honey production and crop pollination, Honey  bees represent only a small fraction of the 20,000 known species of bee.
Seasonal Calendar Page The Meteorological start to spring is the 1st March.  The Meteorological start to Summer is the 1st June. Female Mallard duck and her chicks (originally 13) from April 2017. Week 1 > 13 chicks. Week 2 > 9 chicks. Week 3. > 8 chicks. Week 4. > 8 chicks. Week 5. > 8 chicks. Week 6. > 8 chicks. Week 7. > 8 chicks. Week 8. > 8 chicks. Week 9. All eight of the ducks have flown away, the only one left is the mother, who is  being pursued by the male ducks possibly  in the hope  of producing another brood this season.