WATERSIDE DIARY Welcome to Monthly Reports June 2016 Scroll down to follow our fishing adventures, as to where we go, who we meet, what they catch and what`s happening on the bank, plus all sorts of hopefully helpful information. ************** ************** ************** ************** ************** `Hang on Tight`

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************** We will insert pictures/Stories and any helpful information each month as it comes in. Don't forget to `Check Back` Last Month, (May 2018) ************** ************** Picture Below: Dino Ferrari. Pictures Below: Steeple Court Lakes ************** ************** You don`t see many cats this big For membership information  please contact: Steve > 07721089036 or                                                                                     Dave > 07900320858 Bait and Tackle shop closed  as from September 2017 ************** Weight Conversion          To Convert                   Multiply By  Pounds to Kilograms  —––––  0.4536        Kilograms to Pounds  —––––  2.2050 ************** ************** ************** Each year because we still get e-mails commenting on these pictures we leave them in the site, you must agree they are unusual, I am not sure where the fish on the scooter comes from, and its a great picture of the dog and the fish. Maggots The life cycle of the Fly Fly lays the eggs At the pointed end of the maggot, there are two black coloured hooks, these are used to hang on, and to help brake down food. Hooks Spiracles,  During  feeding, the maggots head (if required) can remain under a liquid surface, as long as                   the  tale (the blunt end) remains above the surface it can breath through it`s two Spiracles. Casters hatch      as Flies Maggots turn   into casters At the blunt end of the maggot, there are two brown coloured dots these are the breathing tubes, known as the spiracles. Spiracles Eggs hatch as maggots ************** ************** British Record Coarse Fish                       (Rod Caught)                   (as at July 31st 2016)

Barbel:                  21      1      0     Grahame King, Great Ouse, Adams Mill, Beds,              2006

Bitterling:                0      0    12    Dennis Flack,  Barway Lake,  Cambridgeshire,               1998

Bleak:                     0      4      9    Dennis Flack,  River Lark,  Cambridgeshire,                   1998

Bream:                 22     11     0     Scot Crook, Ferry Lagoon, Cambridgeshire.                   2012

Bream (Silver)           3      4     0    Gareth Evans, Mill Farm Fishery, Pullborough, Sussex. 2012

Bullhead                 0      1     0    R Johnson,  Green River, Nr Guildford, Surrey,               1983

Carp                       68      1     0     Dean Fletcher, Cranwell`s Lakes, Wasing Est, Berks.     2016

Crucian Carp         4     10     0    Mickeal James, Surrey Stillwater.                                     2015

Crusian Carp         4     10     0    Stephen Frapwell, Jonsons Lake,Marsh Farm, Surrey.     2015


Catfish                    1      3     1     K Clements, Lake Meadow, Billericay, Essex,                   2001

(Bullhead, black)

Catfish                 62      0     0     Rich Garner, Withy Pool, Henlow, Beds,                           1997

(Wells)                                                                              NB. List Closed 23rd October 2000, no further

                                                       claims considered.

Chub                      9     5     0       Andy Maker, Southern stillwater,                                         2007

Dace                     1     5     2       Simon Ashton, River Wear, Co. Durham,                              2002

EEL                    11     2     0       Steve Terry, Kingfisher Lake, Nr Ringwood, Hants,            1978

Goldfish                5   11     8       Dave Lewis, six-acre Surrey stillwater pond                       1994  


Grasscarp           44     8     0       Phillip Kingsbury, Horton Church Lake, Berks,                   2006

                                                       NB. List Closed 31st October 2007 - No further

                                                      claims considered.

Gudgeon             0     5     0      D H Hull, River Nadder, Sutton Mandeville, Wilts,                1990

Minnow              0     0   13.5   J Sawyer, Whitworth Lake, Spennymoor, Co Durham,           1998

Orfe                    8     5     0       Michael Wilkinson, Lymm Vale, Cheshire,                             2000


Perch                  6     3      0      Neil Stephen, Stream Valley Lakes, E Sussex,                        2011

Perch                  6     3      0      Ken Brown, Willstone Fishery, Tring, Hertfordshire.            2011           

Pike                   46   13   0    Roy Lewis, Llandegfedd Reservoir, S. Wales,                              1992

Pumpkinseed     0     14      2    Bill Rushmer, Tanyards Fishery, Sussex,                                2003

Roach                 4      4      0     Keith Berry, Northan Irland stillwater,                                   2006


Rudd                4     10     0     Simon Parry, Freshwater Lake, Co Armagh, NI,                        2001

                         4     10     0     Simon Parry, Clay Lake, Co Armagh, NI,                                   2001                       


Ruffe               0     5      4     R J Jenkins, West View Farm, Cumbria,                                      1980

Schelly            2     1      9     S M Barrie, Haweswater Reservoir, Cumbria,                             1986


Stickleback    0     0     4     Dennis Flack, High Flyer Lake, Ely, Cambs,                                  1998


Stone Loach  0     0    13   Geoffrey Green, Windmill Fishery,                                                   2005

Tench            15    3     6    Darren Ward,  Sheepwalk big pit, Shepperton, Middlesex,             2001

Zander          21    5     0    James Benfield,  River Severn at Upper Lode,                                 2007

For more on competitions/results/dates/times and venues etc just click Competition Results ************** `No, it  was only this big` ************** `No really it was only             this big` `It was this Big` `I think it might have been                 this big` Did you know that you can press the HOME button on your Keyboard  to return to the top of any web page. ************************************************************************** Click the Waterside Diary Button to return to the HOME PAGE. TIGHT LINES. We are happy to remove any content on the photo/video pages if you no longer want it to be shown on their. Seasonal Calendar Just click to check out our new `Seasonal Calendar` page We have only just started this page, (September 2015) and we  hope that you find something of interest on it, we will  add pictures and information to this page as the calendar seasons unfold.. Waterside Diary June 2018 Return to top      of page Swan Valley  > New PB for Jonathan Blackman @ 43lb.. Charlton Smith    > Unknown Venue.. Ashley Thornhill  > Longbridge Lakes. Daryl Etheridge   > Unknown Venue. Steve Whittington >France 47lb 49lb and 53lb. Gary Recouf          > Steeple Court Fishery Mikey White          > Unknown Venue. Barry Evans          > Steeple Court Fishery. Lyn Lewington      > Pat`s Pond. ************** Check out these two crackers, it shows Michael White enjoying himself at one of his tricky local club waters, Well done Mike. Picture Below:   Mike White. ************** Pat`s Pond Burridge,                                The carp have begun there spawning down here at Pat`s Pond, the water temperature has risen to 19- degrees centigrade. ************** Just for fun, Spawning safely over and the fish are on the munch, yesterday the wife and myself  had 20 - mixed carp between us and a couple of nice size roach, successful bait was single grain of sweetcorn, picture below shows the best of the bunch. Picture Below: Lyn Lewington. ************** Picture below shows Baz Evans enjoying his tench fishing at `Steeple Court Fishery` Botley. Well done Baz. Picture Below: Barry Evans. ************** Great picture of Ryan Cull with this magnificent mirror, no info on the venue. Well done Ryan great fish. Picture Below:    Ryan Cull. ************** That Charlton Smith has been at it again, just check out these three crackers, Charlton is certainly enjoying a great season, Well done. Picture Below: Charlton Smith. ************** ************** Picture below shows Kevin White, still showing us how it`s done, great fish Kev Well done. Picture Below:   Kevin White. ************** Picture Below:   Ross Blake. Another great Mirror from Jon Blackman weighing in at 22lb 10ozs, fishing at his syndicate venue (Swan Valley), Jon`s successful bait was `MadBaits` Wicked White pop-ups over a bed of chopped mixed MadBaits boilies. Well done Jon Boy great fish. Picture Below: Jonathan Blackman. ************** ************** Pictures Below: Lyn Lewington. ************** Picture below shows Lisa Hodson with her very first carp, Well done Lisa. Picture Below: Lisa Hodson. ************** What a cracker, the picture below shows Chris Shearman with his Mirror Carp weighing in at 41lb 8oz, Chris was using `MadBaits` Nutzs + wafters, while trying out a venue in France. Great fish Chris, Well done. Picture Below: Chris Shearman. ************** Picture Below: Jonathan Blackman. **************